module mod‧ule [ˈmɒdjuːl ǁ ˈmɑːdʒuːl] noun [countable]
1. one of several separate parts that can be combined to form a larger thing:

• Software is often written in modules by teams of programmers.

2. one of the units that a course of study has been divided into, each of which can be studied separately:

training modules in service quality

— modular adjective :

• a modular course in business studies

* * *

module UK US /ˈmɒdjuːl/ US  /ˈmɒdʒuːl/ noun [C]
one of a set of separate parts which, when combined, form a complete whole: »

The emergency generator is transported in individual modules, which are then put together on site.

IT a part of a computer or software system or program that has a function and works together with other related parts: »

The full computer program is made up of several modules.

one of the parts that a course of study is divided into, which covers a particular subject and often has its own examination: »

The course will include a 3-week module on environmental management.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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